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Troubleshooter of Error: Add data tillmlast year

Add data tillmlast year

I have data for 2 years, when I enter a date of the current year it is showing data till date, similarly in another cell I want it to show me the cumulative sum till the same day less one year.
ex: If I ask for data till 12-Nov 2013 for the current year it should show me cumulative sum till 12-Nov-2012

Please help

Anwsers to the Problem Add data tillmlast year

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In the above formula, where I think you have missed out a left parenthesis right after SUMPRODUCT, data is summed from January 1st of the year of the date in text12!$T$5 until the date itself.

With the following modified formula, the sum goes from January 1st of the year just BEFORE the year of the date in text12!$T$5 until the date which is exactly one year BEFORE the date in text12!$T$5.


The changes from the previous formula are highlighted.

Hope this helps / Lars-Åke

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