Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fast Solution to Problem: Adjust font size when exceeding cell length

Adjust font size when exceeding cell length

Please tell me through VBA how can I control the font size if it exceed the cell length.
I mean if font size is 10 and the text i am writing exceed the length of that cell then through VBA coding font size get shrink to fit in the cell.
By default
you can wrap and/or fir in but both increase the cell height you know merging.
Kindly help.

Solutions to the Problem Adjust font size when exceeding cell length

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You can have Excel do this automatically, without needing VBA:
Select the cell or cells.Press Ctrl+F1 to activate the Format Cells dialog.Activate the Alignment tab.Tick the check box "Shrink to fit".Click OK.
If you want to set this in VBA:
Range("A1:C10").ShrinkToFit = True
Remember, you have to set this only once, not every time the cell values change.

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